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History of Company


        Rah va Sakhteman Molavi Company (Ra.Sa.Co) was established in 1952 in Iran. Benefiting from decades of previous experience of its founders to implement civil and road projects and public works. With its continuous endeavor and activities in construction industry and implementation of successful civil projects across the country, the Company has offered valuable and significant services for the development and prosperity of Iran.
Applying experienced managers, professional technical staff, equipped engineering groups, precise project control, research and development, quality control, value engineering and HSE units, the company has been able to play an effective role in construction of our country and implementation of national and international projects. Holding first grade of competency in contract working in two fields; “roads and transportation” and “building and construction” from Vice-Presidency of Strategic Planning and Monitoring, the company is capable of carrying out mega projects.
Rah va Sakhteman Molavi co. is currently involved in a diverse range of large scale civil projects, such as the High rise Hotel Solat in Shiraz with 38th floor and over 120,000 sqare meter, Main Bridge and road in Isfehan Province , Rescue base buildings in Tabas, Civil and architected works in Iran – Mall building and Hotel in Tehran, cooperating with welfare chain store (Refah Market), etc