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Our mission

The Ra.Sa.Co. with offering integrated engineering services to its clients, is looking for making a fortune and increasing   the national resources at the same time. At the moment the scope of the company’s activities are contractor services, designing and building, with financing the projects in the engineering section. The firm will advance toward the investing projects by expand• ing its financial resources. At present the firm is capable of representing these following services:
-Urban infrastructures such as subway projects and Urban Utility developement projects.
-The Retail ,  Hotel ,  Residential and service Buildings.
-The road construction, railroad, airport and port projects.
-Water supply and water transfer projects.
The company is trying to extend its scope in oil, gas, petrochemical and mineral industry projects in the near future.

Completed projects :

Implementation of open air parking for aircraft (helicopter), terminal, base and development of Kish airport parking.

Bandar Lange airport building, Jask, Kochek Kopekan (Qochan), Omidiya Sky Guard building

Fasa Sugar Factory, Bardsir Kerman, Ahvaz Sugar Refinery, Began Sugar, Hekmatan Sugar

Ganjanchman dam (Mehran) and irrigation canals, Pishin Dam, Saveh with the participation of Romania

Maragheh railway station building, Gorgan, Yazd, Isfahan

Imam Khomeini Port, Kish, Siri Island, Darghan, Lange-Kong

Design and construction of non-level intersection of Shahid Kachoui Karaj, student martyrs of Karaj

Rotana 5 star international business complex and hotel

600-unit Mehr housing in Birjand

Sharif University of Technology classroom building

Competitive Advantages

Ranks and certificates

Contractor qualification certificate – as its name suggests, it is actually a type of scaling to ensure quality and quantity in providing services and defending the rights of users. In addition, it is very effective and useful in using defined management and executive concepts and processes in defining different projects.

Molavi Road and Building has a contractor qualification certificate from the country’s budget program organization, and in this regard, we are expanding the performance and implementation of internal and international standards in our organization and ongoing projects including safety, ISO and … We are .


Machines and specialized knowledge

Great successes come from power, and power in turn is obtained from the organization and smart direction of knowledge. and have taken over the leadership of the groups

Our machinery and equipment unit at Molavi Road and Building Company has the ability to use its specialized equipment, machinery and services to carry out various projects. In fact, taking into consideration the size and volume of the work done, we have taken important steps to get the machinery and equipment we need.



Management systems

During about 7 decades of activities of Molavi Road and Building Company, innovation, quality improvement, planning for the future and such things have been at the top of performance.

Performance management, as one of the human resource management systems, plays an important role in improving the performance of employees and aligning their performance with the macro goals of organizations and thus improving the performance of organizations. Current global conditions, rapid technological developments and economic turbulences It has also increased the challenges of the organization’s progress, and to face these challenges, the use of management tools is a requirement.

our customers

Projects completed so far


Road and Bridge,Railway and Airport Projects


Industrial building projects


Water projects and water structures


Construction project